Sunday, March 19, 2006

The blue forget-me-nots are in bloom, as are the wild iris', bursting out of the verdant grass like miniature fireworks. Today the winds of March blew through, clearing skies and sending empty trash cans skittering down the street. I took a walk in the sun for an hour, and came home with a pleasant sunburn, just enough to let me know I'd seen the sun. Warm sun on my back, cool wind in my hair, I came home determined to start a spring cleaning, and found the sun had evaporated my ambition. Maybe tomorrow... maybe.
Funny though, I've been working on a picture for about a week now, of a woman standing in sunlight, the wind dancing in her hair. I had decided to call it "Grania" which translates usually as "Grace" but is derived from "grian" meaning sunlight in gaelige. I'm at a point of indecision now, however, on how to treat the background. Either I'll paint in an Irish country setting or a Celtic spiral disk behind her. Or overlay the Celtic spiral on top of the Irish country background. Or put a standing stone with Ogham writting on it behind her, and maybe the celtic spiral overlaid on that. I can't decide. Any suggestions would be very welcome. I'll send out an autographed proof to the best suggestion.
A note on updating the potato soup- which is THE best potato soup I've ever had, by the way.
Follow the instructions about the onions and butter part, then stop there and put it in a blender with only 1 can of broth and puree it. Add it to a large pot of mashed potatoes, with more salt and pepper than you might think. Lock the front door and eat with it with a large spoon, because you won't want to share.
Well, I've had another dream about html, which is very strange as I'm dyslexic, yet the code is easier in my sleep... I wonder what Jung would say about that. I've been working on modifying my main shop at . It's set up as a gallery display and I'm still trying to insert a " find by product" code. But the thing is, see, I'm really an artist, so code makes me dizzy, I need more tangible things to work with. Lately I've been listening to Loreena McKennitt as I code away to reward myself. Her beautiful lyrics and rich layers of melodies carry me off, some where far distant from computer scripts. Such a beautiful voice too!


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