Thursday, June 01, 2006

Old Irish Traditions

For sickness: Turn the head of the bed to the north.

To cure the bite of a mad dog : The cure for this is the touch of the hand of a seventh son. The effect is immediate.

A red haired woman : If you meet one while on the road to a fair, or to go fishing; turn back, for you will have no luck.

Money : If you should somehow find yourself in need of it, keep with you the back tooth of a horse.

Dreams : Always make an effort to tell your dreams first to a woman named Mary, and only after you've eaten breakfast.

Shamrock : Of all the charms, a four leafed clover is the luckiest. Should you get one, never let it leave you or it will take your luck with you for ever. Never show it to a soul.

Luck at cards : Stick a crooked pin in the lapel of your coat to bring you luck.

Knitting : The best knitting is done at night for that's when the sheep will be sleeping.



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