Saturday, March 25, 2006

If anyone has any questions about Celtic mythology, knotwork, symbolism or traditions, feel free to ask in the comment section. I'll post the questions and answers in the blog.
Fado- Gaeilge for "once upon a time",
Irish worry stone- a small stone kept secret, that one hides in a pocket, and is rubbed with a thumb for luck. If anyone is told of it, the stone loses all power. Although it's ancient origins are now obscured, the belief of stones of power is tied to standing stones, healing stones, portal stones, and other sacred stones of the Druids. Stones are of the Earth, one of the five elements, and as such hold potent earth energy; strength, fertility, and increase. Though some of these sacred stones remain as they have been for thousands of years, many of these were carved with Christian symbols in the monastic period of Ireland . Other stone magic includes a stone with a natural hole in it. It was said to give the gift of the second sight to the owner as it was a convergence of opposite states of being and therefore held great power.
- Peggy von Burkleo



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