Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tartan Day is April 6

Highland pipes are swirling around, carried echoing down the glenn in a breeze! Not really- sigh, but I can dream. Time to get out BraveHeart, and listen to the Old Blind Dogs. They're one of THE best folk/modern Celtic groups ever and an AMAZING band to listen to live. I heard them the first time more then ten years ago, at the Celtic Music Festival in San Francisco. Absolutely the best show that night. Their music is hard to find, but definitely worth the work(actually, I just found them on google!) The fiddle and tin whistle go through the most complicated jigs and reels with almost unbelievable speed and ease and in an ethereal lightness that plucks at the soul. The vocals sung rich and clear, are accompanied by just the right balance of harmonies. The guitar, sometimes reminiscent of the Moody Blues, can just as easily switch into a folk that has nothing to do with old fashioned. The drumming, which is played in Indian rhythms accentuates the melodies brilliantly. The bass is strong and of course there are the pipes!
My top three favorites are "the Cruel Sister" "Song for Autumn", and "Bedlam Boys" but they're all incredible.

In honor of Tartan Day I have opened a Scottish themed shop at with knotwork lettering and Scottish humor on t-shirts, pins and other fun things. Check it out!