Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Irish folk traditions

-If a man drinks sows milk, he can see the wind forever.
-Pigs are reputed to see the wind.
-In Scotland it was unlucky to speak of a pig at sea.
-It is unlucky to shake hands across a table.
-When food is placed out for the fairies or otherworldly visitor, it is left out in front of the fire and at Halloween, seats for the returning dead were left around the fire.
-A Bridget’s cross above the door gives protection from fire and other dangers.
-In some parts of Ireland a pig would driven in the house for luck on May morning.
-A cure for mumps- the sufferer should be lead with a donkey’s halter three times around the pigsty.
-Boats leave the shore sunwise, likewise the net throwing.
-A boat should always be entered on the right side.
-A woman can never go to the fire without tampering with it.
-It is said that every night that the hens, when they argue among themselves before settling down, they are plotting to leave Ireland and fly back to Norway, but in the end they postpone the trip for another day.
-In the old days the women would sit on the left of the fire, and the men sat on the right.
-When the smoke dies out of a house it does soon be tumbling down.
-Soot, carried in the pocket, gives protection on a journey.
-It is said of a child thriving on his food that he "wants a stave out of his noggin" note: a noggin was a bowl made like a barrel with a dovetailed birch wood binding around wooden staves, one of which was used as a handle and stood out taller than the brim.

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